About Stepify

Specialist distributor of quality paediatric orthopaedic medical devices.

Our Story

The Stepify brand was conceptualised by the well-recognised NPC, STEPS, as a possible solution for the service of quality paediatric orthopaedic products, and fair prices backed by customer education. Karen Moss, the founder of STEPS, has consolidated relationships within the clubfoot treatment sector over more than a decade and has an in-depth understanding of the need in South Africa for access to clubfoot braces. As STEPS currently purchases and sells clubfoot braces, the Stepify commercial subsidiary creates a social enterprise model that uses the proceeds from sales of paediatric orthopaedic medical devices  to donate clubfoot braces and support clubfoot clinic programmes. STEPS provides the information and training backbone as well as the network and expertise.The reliable supply of quality, globally tested and approved products to improve child mobility,  with product education, backed by the manufacturers is a gap in the South African market that a social enterprise can not only fill, but nurture, so that challenges accessing clubfoot braces and other paediatric orthopaedic products becomes a thing of the past.

Company Information

Stepify’s expertise and established network in the paediatric orthopaedic community through its association with Steps Charity NPC gives customers a sustainable service of quality products, and fair prices backed by customer education.Stepify customers will be supporting clubfoot patients as profit dividends are used to support the non-profit activities of Steps Charity NPC..STEPS Charity NPC has long-term strong relationships with the product suppliers for the government and private end-user, which are globally recognised and medically endorsed. This ensures a sustainable supply and fair pricing with marketing support from the manufacturers. Stepify (Pty) Limited will work as a sister company of  STEPS Charity NPC, with a commercial business focus. 

About Steps Charity NPC

An award-winning non-profit support organisation that improves the lives of children born with clubfoot.

The story started in 2003 with the birth of a boy with clubfoot in South Africa. After her son’s successful treatment by Dr Ponseti in Iowa, Karen Mara Moss returned home and told their story to local doctors. Karen founded STEPS in 2005 to introduce and promote the Ponseti Method of clubfoot treatment in southern Africa and support families going through treatment.

Their Impact:
  • 17,000+ children have accessed effective treatment
  • 38 partner clinics 
  • 4,167 children in treatment at partner clinics 
  • 1,424 health professionals trained
  • 18,686 clubfoot braces distributed


The Team

Karen Mara Moss

Karen Mara Moss is a clubfoot parent advocate, founder of a non-profit organisation and a social entrepreneur. In 2003, after her son was diagnosed with bilateral clubfoot, she travelled with him to the USA for treatment with the pioneering Ponseti Method. Since her son’s successful treatment, she has worked to transform clubfoot treatment in southern Africa by introducing the Ponseti method into the public health sector.Karen has developed an award-winning clinic support programme in the public sector and written and had designed educational materials in multiple languages to improve the patient experience.She has organised 23 Ponseti training workshops for health professionals in four southern African countries and developed and hosted the first African clubfoot conference.Karen has also been importing and distributing medical devices to patients, health professionals, hospitals and government since 2013 through the non-profit Steps Charity NPC. Stepify (Pty) Ltd was founded by Karen as a social enterprise to tackle and solve the universal problem of a shortage of effective paediatric orthopaedic medical devices for children with lower limb disorders and deficiencies. 

Gaby Rademeyer

Gaby Rademeyer started at Steps in 2013 supporting clubfoot patients and orthopaedic health professionals. Over the last decade, Gaby has worked in all areas of the organisation; from clinics to training workshops to parent support to customer service admin and ‘all things clubfoot brace’. Gaby took a break to travel in South America for 6 months but couldn’t stay away and returned to Steps in 2018.Gaby’s background includes advertising, computer programming and film production. She also studied Early Childhood Development and worked in education (as it’s one of her passions).Gaby works directly with doctors, parents, clinicians and orthotists during the maintenance phase of the Ponseti method of clubfoot treatment. She is the first point of contact and provides guidance on how to order, use, care for and change the sizes to make sure the correction is maintained and that both the child and parents are as comfortable as possible.The skill sets acquired through Steps will all be applied to her role at Stepify – including customer relations, educational services and operations & logistics.

Lynne Huppert 

Lynne Huppert is part of the Stepify team. With extensive experience in financial management, Lynne’s main role is to oversee all financial activities, create budgets, report to funders, prepare comprehensive financial management reports and work with auditors for the annual financial statements. Lynne enjoys working with NPO’s and organisations that make a social impact.